Sell Your Products on Aladin/Become A Seller on Aladin/Become a Vendor on Aladin/Get Your Online Store on Aladin

Are you a business person with products for sale or services you are offering?

Aladin allows you to sell your products and services on our website as a registered vendor.

You get your own ecommerce website/vendor profile/online store inside Aladin. The store operates independently and is exclusively managed by you.

As a vendor, you will get your own customizable and independent storefront, with your own unique url/link to direct your customers.

You will be given your own seller account on our website so that you can upload your products and services on our website.

Your products and services will be viewable just like all the other products and services on Aladin.

You will receive customer orders of your products and services directly to your vendor account.

The registration fee is a renewable fee of KES 12,000 per year.

Click here to register as a seller on Aladin