Zenith Automatic Money Counter


Counting speed: 1000pcs/min
Dimension: 289mmx240mmx155mm
Weight: 5.5kgs
Weight: 6.7kgs
Size of package: 320mmx288mmx205mm
Power supply: AC 230V+-10% 50Hz + -5% / AC 120V +-10% 60Hz +-5%
Power consumption: 70W
High-speed desktop currency counters which count 1000pcs/minute.
It is a fast, accurate and efficient counting machine
Automatic detecting with UV(Ultraviolet) and MG(Magnetic) while counting
Suitable for most currencies in the world
Automatic start, stop and clearing
It has dual-led display with batching, adding and self-examination functions
Double notes detecting with IR detection system
Automatic half-note detection
It detects counterfeit notes with ease.
It can count  notes of any quality (new and mutilated/ dirty notes) with ease.
which shows both the total and batch size of note.

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