Electrofusion HDPE Flange Fitting Flange Adapter Stub End Pipe Flange


Size  Various Size
Type  Straight, 90° elbow, 45° elbow, flange, end cap, equal tee, reducer straight, reducing tee etc.
Usage  Oil pipe, gas pipe, liquid deliver
Advantage  Light weight, Flexibility, Toughness, Chemically Inert, Resistance to Abrasion, Smooth surface, Environmental stress crack resistance, Corrosion resistance, Frost & rodent resistance, Hygienic safety, Easy & quick installation
Specifications 1. Butt fuson HDPE pipe fittings, from 50mm to 1100mm.
2. Socket fusion HDPE pipe fittings, from 20mm to 315mm.
3. Electrical fusion HDPE pipe fittings, from 20mm to 800mm.
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