250mm,300mm,400mm,500mm Flexible Pipe Exhaust Corrugated Tube Flex


Twin stepped end flexible exhaust connectors are engineered to
withstand the extremely corrosive and hostile exhaust system
environment. They are manufactured from 2 ply braided stainless
steel STS304 material with aluminium coated steel end sleeves.
Designed to be inserted and welded into any section of an exhaust
system, they then absorb vibration and prevent it running down
the length of the pipe work. This helps reduce fatigue and
failure  to  prolong the life and performance of any exhaust
system. The twin stepped flexible exhaust connectors are
internally lined to withstand very high temperatures  This allows fitment high up on a system next to the
catalyst or manifold. The lining also prevents whistling and
creates an airspace within the inner and outer ply which helps
cool exhaust fuel and improve fuel flow.

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